Liquid beeswax „Holz-Wachs Fluid“

A professional product that gathers together in it's mixture the principal original minerals, animal and vegetable. Obviating successfully cracks, swellings or fading of any wooden surface. The productive capacity is sustained by luminous pigments that are very resistant, bringing out the warmth and colour of the wood , retouching any imperfections....
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Wax for interior and exterior use „Holzwachs...

The high-quality substances and UV filters in the product prevent the formation of dye rot and attacks by insects such as woodworm and certain beetles, while guaranteeing optimal resistance to weather conditions. Its formulation and natural density facilitates brush application. Natural wax and resin based non-peeling, two - three coats, impregnant...
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Liming Wax „Liming wax“

Borma Liming wax with pure beeswax and carnauba, enriches and feeds any wood surface. With its pigments, protects and gives a traditional limed look to furniture. Excellent for decapè special effects.
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