Tung Oil

Pure 100% natural wood oil extract, obtained by pressing the seed from the nut of the Tung Tree. Tung oil hardens upon exposure to air, resulting in a transparent and non-yellowing coating. Ideal for wood finishing and for the preparation of oil paints and inks. Also suitable for outdoor use. It is indicated on supports in contact with food, such as...
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Hard Top Oil

Based on natural oils and enriched with high quality resins and waxes, Hard Top Oil provides excellent protection with a pleasant natural effect. Suitable for tables and kitchen tops in general, as well as chopping boards and wooden kitchen tools, it is certified for food contact according to EN71.3, DIN 53160 and DIN68861 standards.
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PARQUET OIL 2K 2 Components oil VOC - FREE

Parquet Oil 2K special formulation makes it suitable for catalysis, increasing superficial hardness, reducing drying times. Dry, protect and nourish the wood, penetrating in depth granting a natural look with superficial wood touch. Suitable for any kind of wood , grants a durable hard wearing protection. Professional use.
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Sauna oil

Blend of oils for the treatment and maintenance of the internal surfaces of the saunas (benches, claddings and floors in raw wood). Provides a good water repellency and protects the wood from dehydration, naturally revitalizing the color and the grain.
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