Furniture Cleaner „Moebelreiniger“

The spray detergent is a professional product used for deep cleaning and polishing all wood surfaces Featuring optimal degreasing properties: to be applied in small quantities on wax varnished surfaces to avoid the potential risk of removal. Perfect for cleaning paint-finished surfaces, for the easy removal of old marks, grease and dust, leaving a...
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Extra-strong dewaxer „Radikal Abwachser spray“

Mixture of special Odourless solvents, ready to use and highly effective in the complete removal of all wax and grease on all types of wood. Efficient but delicate and non-aggressive solvent action on paint-finished or standard woods thanks to the new developments in water-based products.
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Regenerating Oil for internal/external usage...

Mix of odourless drying oils, for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for all types of unfinished or time-worn woods. On application, in-depth penetration in wood fibre, non peeling, protecting the wood from adverse weather conditions and harmful agents, enhancing the tone and natural beauty. Like all oil fired surface-coated teak oil surface over time, need to...
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Antique patina spray

Formulated in respect of the oldest traditions of furniture restorers, with a Judaic bitumen base. This is the ideal product to give all wood surfaces an aged and varnished appearance. Virtually odorless, ready to use and easy to apply. When dry enables simple sandability to obtain personalized effects.
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Basecoat „Turapori“

Featuring optimal transparency and water resistance, this is the ideal product also as a fixative on stains to be painted or wax finished. Product of professional origin, ideal as a filler base or preliminary coat before finishing all wooden surfaces in general. Quick drying, two coats are recommended at an interval of at least1/2 h depending on the...
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Beeswax Polish „Holz-Wachs“

The Holzwachs bees and carnauba wax, is an authentic natural wax,( with no type of plastic silicon), with optimal nutrient qualities. Protects and polishes all wooden surfaces, to obtain pleasant and soft protective film with anti-static properties. Dyed with light-resistant colours, this product features stability over time and is ideal for the...
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