Cleaning materials

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3M Tack Cloth, 175mm х 235mm

Surface preparation for spraying primers, base coat or clear coat paints is a smooth transition as dust is drawn into the tack pad leaving a drag-free surface. Hands are less sticky due to the reduction of adhesive transfer.
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Varnish cleaning gel

Extra strong paint remover in gel-form, based on a special blend of thinners, specific for wooden surfaces. Radikal Abbeizer is a jelly product, methylene chloride free, studied to easily remove any wood varnish. The product is free from sodium hydroxide, therefore it does not alter the natural colour of wood. It is advisable to work in a well ventilated...
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Furniture Wax Remover Intensive cleaner...

It's a product of professional origin. As it is pure solvent based, avoids corrosion. Ready to use, it is ideal to clean carefully any wood surface with fast and absolute efficiency. It attacks the old layers of wax, freeing the wood of dirt and incrustation without damaging the varnish underneath.
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Extra-strong dewaxer „Radikal Abwachser spray“

Mixture of special Odourless solvents, ready to use and highly effective in the complete removal of all wax and grease on all types of wood. Efficient but delicate and non-aggressive solvent action on paint-finished or standard woods thanks to the new developments in water-based products.
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Edge cleaner

Borma Abs Edging Cleaner is a special product to easily remove hot melt residues from the surface of ABS, PVC and Melamine Edging. Price for 1l.
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