Borma Solve

The Borma Solve is a very versatile thinner that can be used with various product from the Borma range: Holzfarbe, Holzmasse Base, Holzmasse and, of course, for cleaning up the various tools used.
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Binder-based resin

It's a ready to use binding resin for the individual preparation of Borma Holzmasse. Pasted together with wood sawdust obtained from sanding, allows to obtain a spreadable paste easily. The binding resin does not alter the original colour of the wood and therefore the paste has the same tone of the wood from which the powder has been obtained. The paste...
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Two-component Polyester Wood Filler „K2 MDF“

Two component filler with extra fine wood flour. Easily sandable with perfect adhesion on all special supports for MDF. Indoor and outdoor use. Colors can be mixed. It is particularly recommended for restorations of ancient furniture (remaking of wood particulars) and all what foresees the employment of the wood (houses, fixtures, boats, etc…).
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Ecofiller „Ecostucco“

It's a hydro-putty formulated and composed of first quality raw materials. It is particularly suitable for wood and plastering and scraping wall surfaces before painting and varnishing. It dries quickly and remains unaltered (colours are light resistant). Among it's main characteristics are: easily sand-papered, limited loss, good anchorage with minimum...
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Two-pack filler paste „Plastuk Legno“

Suitable to carry out works on wooden surfaces, like the reconstruction of defective parts even of big dimensions, fillings, trimmings, etc. It is possible to obtain any final thickness applying several layers allowing few minutes between them. It gets quickly hard by adding the proper catalyst. (5 min. in 20°C). After hardened it can be processed just...
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