Paper masking tape 50 mm x 50 m

3M™ Paper Masking Tape 2214 is an everyday-use, crepe-paper masking tape ideally suited for general indoor use and paint masking. Its rubber adhesive sticks instantly to paper, metal, wood plastic, glass, painted and other clean surfaces while resisting lifting or curling.

Hand-Masker advanced masking film, MF99 251,5...

3M™ Hand-Masker™ Advanced Masking Film AMF99 is 3M's most flake resistant film for multi-coat paint applications. Great for dust and overspray containment. Is easy to unfold and use.

Concentrated paint „Holzfarbe“

It's the ideal colorant to dye any untreated indoor wooden surface. The various colors in production show off the natural beauty of the wood grain. The concentration is ready to use and the characteristics give it as the ideal substitute for all the traditional products like Aniline powders , avoiding the preliminary preparation and the harmful inhalation...
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