Polishing materials

Dewaxed shellac

Made with natural pure shellac, it’s ready for use and amber coloured. Borma Wachs Shellac French Polish is formulated following the ancient traditions of the varnishing techniques. Thanks to the valuable natural essences, it allows protective treatments of great brilliancy and softness on all indoor wooden surfaces, in total respect of environment.
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Hard Top Polish - Strong resistance „Hard Top“

Ready to use, high resistance nitro lacquer solution. Made of natural dewaxed shellac and cellulose resins. Gives high shine and softness on a protective treatment on all wooden surfaces. Indoor use. It can be coloured with smal quantities of Holzfarbe. Formaldehyde free.
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Shellac Sanding Sealer - Wax free -trasparent

Shellac Sanding Sealer is transparent shellac based, of the highest quality. Produced with natural shellac wax, and given its transparency, it is ideal as a first coat in the treatment of wax or shellac on light wood such as pine etc. Completely formulated with natural products , and ready to use, it is fast drying and of notably adhesion.
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Special diluent for shellac „Shellac 99° AL99.1“

Special solvent for Shellac with high solving power. Fast drying, not graying. Used in wood polishing, in particular in antique furniture restoration, and it is specific for shellac dilution.
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Shellac Flakes

Suitable for the preparation of specific hand applied polish or to complement finishing operations on restoration work.
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