Materials for restoration

Lacquer for an antique effect

Made with Judaic bitumen base, this is the ideal product to give all wood surfaces an aged and varnished appearance. Formulated in respect of the oldest traditions of furniture restorers. Virtually odourless, ready to use and easy to apply; when dry enables simple sandability to obtain personalised effects.
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Wood Hardener

Ready to use fast drying acrylic resin dispersion solvent , that reinforces and hardens any type of weakened wood from insects or that’s worn in time. Completely transparent , it does not alter the natural tone, but penetrates deeply and seals the wood, recreating the original consistency, protecting it from further aggression. Internal and external use.
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Varnish cleaning gel

Extra strong paint remover in gel-form, based on a special blend of thinners, specific for wooden surfaces. Radikal Abbeizer is a jelly product, methylene chloride free, studied to easily remove any wood varnish. The product is free from sodium hydroxide, therefore it does not alter the natural colour of wood. It is advisable to work in a well ventilated...
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„Bone glue“

It is the traditional glue for wood used for ages by carpenters, for the gluing of joints and veneers, in addition of the simple usage of nails. A necessary product for the handicraftsmen working in the field of ancient furniture restoring, bone glue has the ideal characteristics of elasticity and reversibility, making it the main glue for the restoring...
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Special for raw wood protection - Holz 2000

HOLZ 2000 is a formulated biodegradable professional product with a registered active substance (EC 258-067-9) and therefore free from particular legislations. The gradual drying allows a deep penetration, without marks or smears after application, allowing any final overcoating.
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