Woodworking materials

Gilder's Tip - Pure squirrel

Special flat brush in pure squirrel hair, with extra light for traditional gilding process. Its special flat shape allows the easy transfer of metal leaf from the Gilding cushion to the surface to be gilded, avoiding the contact with hands. Ideal for genuine gold leaves.
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3M Tack Cloth, 175mm х 235mm

Surface preparation for spraying primers, base coat or clear coat paints is a smooth transition as dust is drawn into the tack pad leaving a drag-free surface. Hands are less sticky due to the reduction of adhesive transfer.
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Paper masking tape 50 mm x 50 m

3M™ Paper Masking Tape 2214 is an everyday-use, crepe-paper masking tape ideally suited for general indoor use and paint masking. Its rubber adhesive sticks instantly to paper, metal, wood plastic, glass, painted and other clean surfaces while resisting lifting or curling.

Hand-Masker advanced masking film, MF99 251,5...

3M™ Hand-Masker™ Advanced Masking Film AMF99 is 3M's most flake resistant film for multi-coat paint applications. Great for dust and overspray containment. Is easy to unfold and use.

Dewaxed shellac

Made with natural pure shellac, it’s ready for use and amber coloured. Borma Wachs Shellac French Polish is formulated following the ancient traditions of the varnishing techniques. Thanks to the valuable natural essences, it allows protective treatments of great brilliancy and softness on all indoor wooden surfaces, in total respect of environment.
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Furniture Cleaner „Moebelreiniger“

The spray detergent is a professional product used for deep cleaning and polishing all wood surfaces Featuring optimal degreasing properties: to be applied in small quantities on wax varnished surfaces to avoid the potential risk of removal. Perfect for cleaning paint-finished surfaces, for the easy removal of old marks, grease and dust, leaving a...
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Borma Solve

The Borma Solve is a very versatile thinner that can be used with various product from the Borma range: Holzfarbe, Holzmasse Base, Holzmasse and, of course, for cleaning up the various tools used.
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Varnish cleaning gel

Extra strong paint remover in gel-form, based on a special blend of thinners, specific for wooden surfaces. Radikal Abbeizer is a jelly product, methylene chloride free, studied to easily remove any wood varnish. The product is free from sodium hydroxide, therefore it does not alter the natural colour of wood. It is advisable to work in a well ventilated...
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Furniture Wax Remover Intensive cleaner...

It's a product of professional origin. As it is pure solvent based, avoids corrosion. Ready to use, it is ideal to clean carefully any wood surface with fast and absolute efficiency. It attacks the old layers of wax, freeing the wood of dirt and incrustation without damaging the varnish underneath.
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Extra-strong dewaxer „Radikal Abwachser spray“

Mixture of special Odourless solvents, ready to use and highly effective in the complete removal of all wax and grease on all types of wood. Efficient but delicate and non-aggressive solvent action on paint-finished or standard woods thanks to the new developments in water-based products.
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Binder-based resin

It's a ready to use binding resin for the individual preparation of Borma Holzmasse. Pasted together with wood sawdust obtained from sanding, allows to obtain a spreadable paste easily. The binding resin does not alter the original colour of the wood and therefore the paste has the same tone of the wood from which the powder has been obtained. The paste...
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Special for raw wood protection - Holz 2000

HOLZ 2000 is a formulated biodegradable professional product with a registered active substance (EC 258-067-9) and therefore free from particular legislations. The gradual drying allows a deep penetration, without marks or smears after application, allowing any final overcoating.
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Regenerating Oil for internal/external usage...

Mix of odourless drying oils, for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for all types of unfinished or time-worn woods. On application, in-depth penetration in wood fibre, non peeling, protecting the wood from adverse weather conditions and harmful agents, enhancing the tone and natural beauty. Like all oil fired surface-coated teak oil surface over time, need to...
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The Borma Heating Iron is the best tool for the application of the Borma Hard Wax because of its sturdiness, small dimension and versatility.

Two-component Polyester Wood Filler „K2 MDF“

Two component filler with extra fine wood flour. Easily sandable with perfect adhesion on all special supports for MDF. Indoor and outdoor use. Colors can be mixed. It is particularly recommended for restorations of ancient furniture (remaking of wood particulars) and all what foresees the employment of the wood (houses, fixtures, boats, etc…).
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