Description: C:UsersUserAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.WordStaron Logo2.png The material consists of acrylic binders, mineral fillers and pigments. It is made in sheets of different size. The aggregates are made on the basis of natural fossil material bauxite (aluminum trihydrate). STARON and TEMPEST are durable, non-porous, solid, material that can be bent and shaped by thermoforming. The joints between individual segments are practically invisible. The material can be easily repaired.

The color from different batches and even the sheets may vary slightly. Never use a material from different batches if you are not sure that the difference in color is acceptable!

Use the same material for repairing the product - the remainder from cutting a hole for a hob or sink. Give it for storing to the end user and explain that they may need it for repairing the product.

STARON looks like a product of mineral origin, pleasant to touch and very elegant. In addition, the material is durable and easy to clean. These and other properties allow the material be used in a variety of designer solutions, the material is ideal for functional use and artistic interior, kitchen and bathroom design. Due to its special properties, this material is also suitable for exterior decoration.

Special properties of STARON and TEMPEST: chemical resistance, light but durable to scratches and high impacts; seamless joints; aesthetic appearance, non-porous material suppresses
moulds and germs; stable product, certified in various fields including SCS eco-friendly certification; thermoforming; safe in contact with food; resistance to temperature changes; easy maintenance.

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Our stock program:

SOLID: Bright White BW010, Ivory SI040, Natural SV041, Pearl SP011, Pure White SP016, Quasar White SQ019, Blonde SB043, Dazzling White SD001, Green Tea SG065, Iris SI056, Mountain Bluebird SM075, Onyx ON095, Steel ST023, Univers SU053,

SANDED: Birch SB412, Chestnut SC457, Cornmeal SC433, Cream SM421, Gold Dust SG441, Grey SG420, Oatmeal S0446, Onyx S0423, Sahara SS440, Sanset SS451, Vermillion SV430, White Pepper WP410.

ASPEN: Brown AB632, Gold Rush AG614, Lava AL650, Mine AM633, Pepper AP640, Seashell AS642, Sky AS670, Slate AS661, Snow AS610.

PEBBLE: Aqua PA860, Blue PB870, Confetti PC880, Copper PC851, Ebony PE814, Gold PG840, Grey PG810, Ice, Kernel PK843, Limestone PL848, Rose PR850, Saratoga PS820, Swan PS813, Terrain PT857

QUARRY: Minette QM289, Oyster T0310, Esker QE240, Mesa QM242, Starred QS287

METALLIC: Beach EB545, Galaxy EG595, Cosmos EC596, SatinGold ES558, SleekSilver ES581, Yukon EY510

MOSAIC: Black Bean QB299, Dalmatian QD212, Nimbus QN287

TEMPEST: Blaze FB147, Bronzestar FB154, Caviar FС188, Coffee Bean FC158, Confection

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