What one can be, one must be !
Everything is becoming more global, more universal. And it’s all becoming modular, adaptable and customizable.
In this networked open structure people want to growth and mindful persons in particular are keen to become unique.  
Self-actualisation is the highest needs: what one can be, one must be!
The aim of self-actualisation is focused upon ultimate or basic goals rather than partial or superficial ones, upon ends rather than means to these ends.
Today, people ask to design their furniture and parquet floor by themselves and Borma Wachs is answering.
Natural wood and oils are great materials to express personality and own awareness at home. 
Borma Wachs parquet oils meet people’s increasing desire for essential products they can design by themselves.
Borma Wachs parquet oils develop a universal language that is nourished by love for natural wood, the timeless material for living, which combines original human needs with the universal law of evolution.

Parquet Oil 2k
Suitable for any kind of wood , grants a durable hardwearing protection. Thanks to the high solid content, already a single layer is enough to obtain a very nice performing natural look finish. 

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