Special aerosol touch-up varnish for wood „HOLZSPRAY“

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Special aerosol touch-up varnish for wood. Fast-drying. Durable and easy to use.


The semi-covering product, as opposed to the full-covering one, maintains the transparency on the wood grain and is ideal for surfaces finished in colourless varnish. Fast-drying, fade-resistant and moisture. Fill in with Borma Holzmasse any imperfections, therefore sandpaper and clean carefully the surface of any grease or dirt. Shake well for a few minutes before applying. If it is a coloured varnish, check the colour before use. Spray lightly several times crossing the spray direction over at app. 25-30 cm from the surface. To avoid using excessive spray, wait 5-15 minutes, depending on the amount that has been applied. After using turn the spray up side down and spray to clean the nozzle.

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