Extra sharp tip marking pen „PROFIX graining pen“

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The extra-fine tip allow precise traits for invisible touch-up treatments. Very easy to apply, immediate effect, allows any kind of overtreatment. For interior use, it’s available in different colours.

  • 05 Pine
  • 08 Natural wood
  • 10 Larch
  • 17 Teak
  • 30 Cherry
  • 33 Dark mahogany
  • 41 Beech
  • 52 Dark oak
  • 53 Light walnut
  • 62 Mahogany
  • 63 Dark walnut
  • 59 Medium walnut
  • 60 Black

The Profix Pen is the ideal tool to reproduce the natural wood grain. The extra fine nib allows for precise lines to be drawn for invisible retouching. Very easy to apply and of immediate effect. On a surface that has been repaired with a compatible filler such as the 1PK Quick Filler or with the Soft or Hard Wax. Suitable for interior use. Awide range of colors. On an imperfection treated with Stuccorapido or Hartwachs, remove any excess with a medium abrasive pad and proceed to fix them with a very light layer of Holzspray varnish. Make sure that the tip of the Profix Pen is not too wet, (if necessary, dry it with a cotton cloth), proceed, in direct correspondence to the imperfection corrected with stuccorapido, at the recreation of the missing grain. The application must proceed in small sections. If the color is too dark, you can lighten it with a bit of steel wool. Then fix the touch-up with a layer of Holzspray varnish and in the case of wax-finished furniture at the next wax-up with the natural wax of bees Holzwachs.

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